My Mary Poppins Park Bag!

My family love to spend as long as possible in the parks, soaking up the sun, the Disney magic and making the most of family time together. Previously staying off-site, this means we have had to make sure we were fully prepared to last the whole day, without the privilege of being able to go back to a resort to recharge. Some people like to feel free and don’t like carrying a bag around the parks, whereas others prefer to carry a rucksack with lots of necessities for the day. Here is an insight into what I take in my bag to help me survive the parks!

✨ Don’t forget, before entering a theme park, you will have to go through a bag check, where your belongings may be taken out and opened, and rucksacks larger than 24 in/15in/18in are not allowed in the parks ✨

The bag I used during my last visit to Orlando in April was my Dooney and Bourke Disney Sketch Crossover handbag, which I actually bought from Walt Disney World the first time I visited! As the post title suggests, this bag fits in a lot more than you might expect, like Mary Poppins’ infamous carpet bag, and I found it just the perfect size to carry my essentials around the park all day. The bag itself has a long detachable shoulder strap and two handles, so can be worn over the shoulder, across the body, held by the handles or on the wrist. It has one main section and two other small pockets on the inner side with a small zipped pocket, however it is not big enough for large cameras or spare clothing, where a bigger rucksack would be more suitable. Although, it is the perfect size to fit in the pockets by your feet on the rides in the park, such as on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and it is waterproof so no need to worry when on water rides. Plus I love having that extra sparkle of Disney, with the colourful detail and icons!

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Attached to my bag I have:

  • A Mickey Mouse bottle holder – Bought from Hollywood Studios (but can be found in multiple shops around WDW) this little device was so helpful! With no room inside my bag, I always had to carry my water separately, however with this attachment on the side of my bag, my hands were free and I never accidentally lost my water.
  • A cap – When inside attractions or on fast rides, where I could free my hair from my sweaty hat, I could easily loop the Velcro at the back of the cap onto the strap of my handbag. A hat is a must in the Florida sunshine to avoid heat stroke. Sometimes I wore my Mickey Ear Safari hat from Animal Kingdom instead, which I used to put my phone and park map inside when queuing.

Inside my bag I have:

  • Sunglasses (and case) – Sunglasses are also essential during the sunny seasons, however around 200 sunglasses turn up in Lost and Found every single day! Don’t forget to take them out of the pocket on rides, or invest in a glasses lanyard which attaches to the frame, tightened to stop them falling off or loose around your neck.
  • A small camera – There are so many opportunities to meet characters, see amazing parades, shows and make life long memories in the parks, and taking photos of your trip will keep them captured forever. (Selfie sticks and large tripods are not permitted into the Disney parks)
  • A purse – To carry your holiday spends for tempting treats and merchandise – I thought my carousel purse was quite fitting! It is advised you still bring cash into the parks even when using a Magic Band to pay, as not all snack venders take them as a payment method yet.
  • IPhone fan – This saved me on multiple occasions! As someone who overheats easily, this adaptor uses your phone battery to power the fan, keeping you cool on the go! You can find these cheaply on sites such as Amazon.
  • A portable phone charger – If you are planning on staying in the parks all day, then you will want your phone charge to last from the park opening until the fireworks at the end of the day. For most people, their phone lasts a few hours before it needs charging again, so buying a portable phone charger will be valuable to keeping your phone running as long as possible.
    • Disney have multiple charging stations around the park and have recently introduced Fuel Rod Kiosks – for $30 (purchase not rental) you receive:
      • A portable charging battery
      • 6″ USB Type A to micro-USB cable (for most Android devices)

        Photo credit:
      • One Apple 30-pin to USB cable
      • One Apple Lightning to USB cable
        …and as soon as your portable charger runs out, you can exchange it for a new one free of charge! If you haven’t already got a portable phone charger I would definitely use this service (as my personal one was £30 without a cable or free recharges)


  • Your phone – Disney has free WiFi in all of the parks, so you can use the My Disney Experience App on your phone to keep track of your Fastpasses, dining reservation and wait times, as well as send your jealous friends and family back home selfies of you and Mickey Mouse.
  • An autograph book and pen – You can’t go to Walt Disney World without collecting an autograph or two! Make sure your pen is large and thick so fur characters are able to hold it.
  • Sun cream and lip protection – Take a small tube of sun cream with you to the park so you can top up throughout the day. SPF lip balms are also useful to stop your lips from cracking and becoming sore.
  • Some medical bits and bobs – It’s always good to be prepared and carry a little first aid kit, or little bits and pieces such as paracetamol, (blister) plasters, energy tablets and hand sanitizer, so you can stay out all day.
  • Makeup minis – Makeup and heat don’t mix well, and by mid-day you may find your makeup has melted down your face. Or after stepping off Splash Montain you may find your mascara wasn’t as waterproof as you first thought. Taking a few makeup minis in your bag, with a mirror and wipes/tissues, will ensure you are always photo ready.
  • Mints – To freshen up your breath after your quick service lunch!

Hope this gives you some inspiration for what you should take in your bag to Walt Disney World! Don’t forget to follow or email subscribe (you will be sent a confirmation email first) if you want to see more! Have a magical day ✨


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  1. enchantedfae says:

    I notice you mention iPhones a lot. Can you advise any items for Android too as not everyone is a fan of iPhones 😀 I love the idea of the fan. 💞
    This is a great blog I love it ! Even though I’m a seasoned Orlando goer I had no idea about the rucksack restrictions

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had a search on eBay and they do similar fans for android devices too, with the suitable USB port, they’re fab 🙂 thank you so much, glad you’re enjoying it! 😌


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